'New' His Goodness Never Fails EP

We are really pleased and excited to announce the release of our His Goodness Never Fails EP. The EP and it’s downloadable resource, contains eight new songs for use in Collective Worship, the Celebration of Mass, and Private Prayer Time. Written by Dan Callow and Emily Jordan and compiled together as a colourful mix of contemporary hymns it includes a wonderful new offertory hymn ‘Come Live In Us’; a beautiful interpre... Read more »

'New' His Goodness Never Fails Retreat Day

We are pleased to release this new retreat.  Taking one day off curriculum for the whole school, this day has been written to celebrate Jesus our Shepherd and Guide, and His unending goodness to us. Reflecting on Psalm 23, through our new hymn - and title of the retreat ‘His Goodness Never Fails’ - this wonderful day has the usual mix of fun, new music, reflection and joy that will leave the whole school staff, and children alike, renewed in His never-ending goodness. . Read more »

Gifts of the Spirit EP

We are really pleased and excited to announce the release of our New EP Gifts of the Spirit. This EP and it’s downloadable resource has three songs of the Spirit, written by Dan Callow and Emily Jordan and compiled together for the celebration of the Holy Spirit. The Title track Gifts of the Spirit has been written with a focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit received in the Sacrament. Veni Sancte Spiritus reminds us of the significant times and places when the Holy S... Read more »

New Gifts of the Spirit - Confirmation Retreat Day

Taking one day off curriculum for the whole class and putting the Holy Spirit at the center of all we do. This fun, up lifting, Spirit centered day, is there as a celebration of whom God has called us to be, the gifts we have been given and how we use these wonderful gifts. Through reflection, games, sharing and songs of the Spirit, this Confirmation Retreat Gifts of the Spirit invites the Holy Spirit to lead our decisions and emotions of our daily lives. Read more »

New Retreat Day - A Heart That Sees

We are pleased to release this new retreat for the new year, starting in February 2018. This retreat day ‘A Heart That Sees’ calls for us in this wonderful period to point our hearts to God and towards hope for the resurrection. With opportunity for prayer, giving and acting on our beliefs and marking this 40-day period through music, sharing and offerings. Our retreats will begin on Ash Wednesday the 14th February 2018 and run through Lent. Please contact us for availability and... Read more »

We Will Go Out Retreat Day

Full-School Retreat Day Duration 1 day Our new Primary school retreat day for 2016 – 2017 is called ‘We Will Go Out’ A day of discipleship and mission that aims through new music, sharing and refection to encourage us to recognise the gift of those who have heard God’s calling to share His word and in turn for us to hear and accept our own call in whatever way that ... Read more »

We Will Go Out Release!

We Will Go Out EP - seven track CD by Dan Callow and Emily Clark. Nearly 18 months after OneLife Music released the EP ‘Let His Glory Shine’ we are proud to be sharing the fruits of our love, labour and prayer again with this exciting new EP by Dan Callow and Emily Clark. We Will Go Out: as the title suggests, has grown from Dan and Emily’s recent months on the road in their ministry and work: going out and spreading the good news to schools across the country. The EP has a fresh, clean and acoustic sound emulating the sound that D... Read more »

OneLife Music and the Year of Mercy

During the Jubilee Holy Year of Mercy, December 8th 2015 to November 20th 2016, Pope Francis calls us to, ‘live in the light of the word of the Lord’ and challenges us to, ‘be merciful as the Father is merciful to us’. OneLife Music is keen to embrace this calling and we have designed retreat days to assist schools to respond to the call during this special year.  Please visit our workshop page to see find out more about our re... Read more »

Let His Glory Shine: Dan Callow’s debut 6 track CD

Dan Callow is already a well-known face and voice in schools and churches in the Birmingham Diocese as the driving force behind OneLifeMusic and through his ministry, his music is well established in school liturgies. He has already recorded many of his hymns and songs and published them as resources to assist schools in their liturgy; these include two books and a Mass setting, 'The Children's Mass'. Now this rising singer-songwriter from South Staffordshire is sharing his soft and prayerful voca... Read more »

'Let His Glory Shine' A Celebration of Faith - In Concert

OneLifeMusic and Fisherman music have found themselves over the last few years teaming up on many occasions to bring ministry and music to schools, parishes and events across the Midlands, sharing their faith, their array of gifts and their music as they go. Now they are pleased to announce they will be teaming up once again for two autumn concerts with another date set for the spring. Music from Dan Callow’s recently released EP Let His Glory Shine, as well as some of his older well loved ‘Callow and Anderson’ classics, will be s... Read more »

Planning ahead!!!

As we reflect on the Gift of the Cross at Easter and with renewed energy look forward to the summer terms, can I encourage you to look ahead a little bit further to the new academic year. We are so thankful for the busy and fruitful months we've shared across the schools in our diocese and with this are finding ourselves booked up fuller and further in advance than we have ever been before. This being the case our autumn term diary 2015 is now open a little earlier than past years to avoid any disappointment. I invite you to have a look b... Read more »

Leading by the Light of Faith

The Diocese of Birmingham Catholic Leadership Conference. On 4th July 2014 Dan Callow and his team for the day, Yvonne Stanley, David Hannett and Angela Moran were at Oscott College. They filled a wonderful marquee fit for the most splendid of weddings full of song, signing and sharing. OneLife Music were the third speakers in what was a truly inspirational day. Taking the theme for the day ‘Leading by the light of Faith’ they were able to share their music, their enthusiasm and experience of working with schools in the diocese. Da... Read more »

What a wonderful journey

What a wonderful journey we've been on, physically and emotionally, celebrating the Year of Faith with parishes and schools around the diocese and country. It has taken us to Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Codsall, to name just a few, and the tour is not yet finished! Each concert and each church brought its own blessing and experience, starting with the wonderful hospitality of parish members to the support from the amazing school choirs, who had cl... Read more »

Celebrating the 'Year of Faith'

Dan will be special guest in a number of 'I believe' concerts celebrating the 'Year of Faith' which will feature inspirational music by Dan and by 'Jo Boyce and Friends'  and include the young voices of the parish.   They will be travelling to a Church near you including, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheldon, Bristol, Tamworth, so get your tickets before they sell out! Check out the nearest below: I Believe – Year of Faith Concert Dates Price: £6.00. All Ages. Box office: 01675 466254. Date Time Venue 26th April 2013 ... Read more »

Compton Hospice Choir’s Jesus Christ Superstar

‘Outstanding’ ... ‘brilliant’ ... ‘stunning’ ... ‘emotional’ ... ‘worthy of any West End stage’ ... ‘truly exceptional’... just a few of the accolades made about Compton Hospice Choir’s production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. After months of hard work, the Choir shone as never before. In four performances from 18th to 21st February, they amazed and wowed the capacity audience each evening with a spectacular, colourful presentation of this musical by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice. Written and performed origina... Read more »

Birmingham Pilgimage to Lourdes 2012

This year I was fortunate enough to be part of the music liturgy team for the Birmingham pilgrimage to Lourdes along with Jo Boyce and Andy Ross which was a truly moving and humbling experience.The trip began on Saturday 2nd June at Birmingham Airport loading and weighing our guitars, keyboard, amplifiers and equipment into baggage handling for the flight. Before settling down for our journey to ... Read more »

Release of the single 'One Life'

'OneLifeMusic' are proud to have been able to work with Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton and Revolver Records to produce the single titled 'One Life' written by Dan Callow and David Anderson and performed by Dan and the Compton Choir.   It has been written to celebrate the re opening of the Hospice after its massive refurbishment and was performed and released at the opening ceremony. All proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the Hospice. Please go to itunes and search 'Dan Callow' or go to Read more »

Special guest at the Boyce and Stanley Christmas Concert!

Christmas was even more eventful this year for Dan and 'Onelifemusic'.....  Along with all the other wonderful and many Christmas festivities Dan was pleased to be a part of this season, being the special guest at the Boyce and Stanley Christmas concerts truly put the Star on our Christmas tree. Singing two of Dan Callow and David Andersons Christmas numbers with the CJM band and accompanying t... Read more »



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