We Will Go Out Release!

We Will Go Out EP – seven track CD by Dan Callow and Emily Clark.

Nearly 18 months after OneLife Music released the EP ‘Let His Glory Shine’ we are proud to be sharing the fruits of our love, labour and prayer again with this exciting new EP by Dan Callow and Emily Clark.

We Will Go Out: as the title suggests, has grown from Dan and Emily’s recent months on the road in their ministry and work: going out and spreading the good news to schools across the country.

The EP has a fresh, clean and acoustic sound emulating the sound that Dan and Emily make as they share their music and faith with schools, but with a feel that will sound right at home, in church liturgies, played at home or in your car, as well as in school. With some lovely fluid bass lines from Ian Reid and an array of percussive magic and keys from Aiden Pepper. (We even persuaded them to do feature backing vocals on one track alongside the lovely school children of St Christopher’s School!!)

Featuring songs such as ‘Come Holy Spirit’ a song for Confirmation and Pentecost, songs of praise such as ‘Glory Glory’ and not forgetting the title song of discipleship ‘We Will Go Out’.

This lovely EP is a reminder and gift of God’s grace and glory.

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We Will Go Out CD-ROM

You may also be interested in the RESOURCE to accompany the We Will Go Out EP containing:

  • Scores for piano
  • Scores with guitar chords and melody line
  • Guitar chords sheets including capo inversions
  • Powerpoints with the lyrics to each song.
  • Lyric sheets
  • Back tracks
  • Explanations to each song

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