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Building from a deep enthusiasm for working with and inspiring children, these exciting workshops are designed to provide both appealing and enjoyable experiences of music and faith in schools, that not only develops children’s and teacher’s confidence, knowledge and potentials in music and community of faith, but in turn enhance their enjoyment and potential in school life.

Gifts of the Spirit EP

Gifts of the Spirit EP

We are really pleased and excited to announce the release of our New EP Gifts of the Spirit. This EP and it’s downloadable resource has three songs of the Spirit, written by Dan Callow and Emily Jordan and compiled together more…

Confirmation Retreat

New Gifts of the Spirit – Confirmation Retreat Day

Taking one day off curriculum for the whole class and putting the Holy Spirit at the center of all we do. This fun, up lifting, Spirit centered day, is there as a celebration of whom God has called us to more…

A Heart That Sees

New Retreat Day – A Heart That Sees

We are pleased to release this new retreat for the new year, starting in February 2018. This retreat day ‘A Heart That Sees’ calls for us in this wonderful period to point our hearts to God and towards hope for more…

Music Education Code of practise

  • Be well prepared and organised
  • Be safe and responsible
  • Have appropriate musical skills
  • Work well with people
  • Evaluate and reflect on my work
  • Commit to professional development



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