Our workshops are led by Dan Callow and his experienced team, who are always happy to work alongside the classroom teachers and to liaise with both the music and RE coordinators.

Onelife Music is based in South Staffordshire, but are more than happy to travel to your school wherever you may be situated in the country. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our prices and your requirements.

Full School Retreat Days ‘His Goodness Never Fails’

Duration 1 day

Taking one day off curriculum for the whole school, this day has been written to celebrate Jesus our Shepherd and Guide, and His unending goodness to us. Reflecting on Psalm 23, through our new hymn – and title of the retreat ‘His Goodness Never Fails’ – this wonderful day has the usual mix of fun, new music, reflection and joy that will leave the whole school staff, and children alike, renewed in His never-ending goodness.

Staff Retreats

Duration 1 day

With so much of a teacher’s life taken up with giving to others it is vital that, as a team, staff stop to consider, recharge and regroup. These days present an opportunity as a team to share thoughts and listen to God’s calling for love, compassion and mercy.

Full School Lent Retreat Days

This retreat day ‘A Heart That Sees’ calls for us in this wonderful period to point our hearts to God and towards hope for the resurrection. With opportunity for prayer, giving and acting on our beliefs and marking this 40-day period through music, sharing and offerings.

Infant Retreat

Duration 1 day

A wonderfully interactive day for reception to year two that invites children to ‘grow like Jesus.’

Using music, games and creative activities that encourages the children to be more like God.

2 Peter 3: 18 ” Grow in the grace and the knowledge of God”

Holy Communion Retreat Days

Duration 1 day

These are very special days for the whole class and their teachers. Through music, prayer, team building, plenty of fun and specially designed activities, these days has been put together to gently strengthen the faith of the entire year group, whilst focusing on Jesus the giver of life whom many will receive for the first time in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.


Confirmation Retreat Days

Duration 1 day

Taking one day off curriculum for the whole class and putting the Holy Spirit at the center all we do. This fun, up lifting, Spirit centered day, is there as a celebration of who God has called us to be, the gifts we have been given and how we use these wonderful gifts.

Through reflection, games, sharing and songs of the Spirit, this Confirmation Retreat Gifts of the Spirit invites the Holy Spirit to lead our decisions and emotions of our daily lives.

Big Sings

For many young people, their only regular experience of church is collective worship at school. Our team have designed the Big Sing Liturgy Thing as a feast of music, song, prayer, sign-language dance & liturgy.

Reconciliation Retreats

Duration 1 day

The power to confess our sins is a gift and blessing from God, as Pope Francis reminds us. This full-day retreat for year 3 students focuses on the blessing of the sacrament of reconciliation and follows our successful sacramental preparation days.

Full School Advent Retreats

Duration 1 day

These retreats are a wonderful act of preparation during this truly blessed time of expectant waiting. When schools can be so busy at this time of year and when much focus for children will be on Christmas itself, these retreats are a perfect way of just ‘stopping’ and putting all our focus on preparing the way for the coming of Christ.

New Hymns and New Confidence

Duration 1 day

This day can adapted for a full or half day’s course.

Are you looking for some new music and ideas for where to place it? Then this workshop day could be what you need!

Music plays such an important part in the life of our schools, in Mass, Collective Worship and generally throughout the life of school and these days will inject some new enthusiasm and direction.


Secondary Year Group Retreat Days (Years 7-13)

Duration 1 day

Why not use One Life Music to lead a retreat day on school premises for you? We offer a number of bespoke retreat experiences; all featuring fun activities, multimedia, interactive discussions focused on the gospel values, testimony of faith, new music and prayer. Retreats are designed to meet the specific needs of a year group and to complement the existing spiritual life of your school. Whether, you choose to have just a couple of us join you for the day or even a larger mission team, we are confident in our ability to offer your young people a real chance to recognise Jesus in their lives, reflect on their faith and deepen their relationship with God.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your requirements and pricing.



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