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Have you ever needed a great song for an assembly but you neither have the singing voice or the musical ability to pull it off? Fear not as the answer is contained here within this book!

There is nothing better to lift the spirits than singing a truly inspirational song from the heart. Proclaiming your Christian faith should never be an arduous task; on the contrary it should be uplifting and full of fun. Contained within this book are twelve songs that can do just that! They can be learnt and sung by children from seven to seventeen and we have purposely written them that way.

The theme for each song came from everyday stimuli that surround us. Sitting staring at some votive candles in church one evening before Mass inspired the song ‘Light of the World.’ Walking my dog on a spring morning gave me the line “…Paint the spring with green shoots that grow.” within minutes other lines flowed and blossomed; by evening ‘Colours on Your Palette’ had been written. Finally, sitting one day and reflecting on my own spiritual journey and contemplating on what I thought of as ‘Belief’ caused me to think that not only do I believe in God; more importantly he believes in me; alas this was the inspiration for this book ‘I Believe.’

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the songs as much as the hundreds of children and adults who have sang them prior to this book being published. Remember they should always be sang with hope in your heart and more importantly a smile on your face.


Book information

Demo Track information Backing  
1 Into the Hands of God 13  
2 Fishers of Men 14  
3 We Love the Lord 15  
4 Light of the World 16  
5 Let His Glory shine 17  
6 In God’s Heart 18  
7 I Need You 19  
8 I Believe 20  
9 His Love is Yours 21  
10 Different Worlds 22  
11 Colours on Your Palette 23  
12 I’ll Be There 24  

All Songs © 2011 One Life Music
Unauthorised copying of this book is Prohibited
All Songs written by Daniel Callow and David Anderson
Recorded and produced by Mike Sullivan.



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